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Hi, my name is Chris.

In 2004, God called me out of a backslidden “do it myself” mindset and lifestyle, but it was in 2007 that I fully obeyed and walked with faith on a journey to rediscover who God (Jesus) is and what he would represent being the head of my entire existence. He sent a messenger to tell me that I would go through a long period of suffering, but that he would take me through and out of it. During this time, I battled with things going on in my flesh, especially a short period of depression. It wasn’t until I looked into God’s word that I started to realize my depression came from a lack of faith and understanding. I shook it off and continued to delve into his word and seek the knowledge that I didn’t have. While seeking the knowledge, I ran into a preacher called Pastor Billy Crone on YouTube who was then preaching at Niagara Frontier Bible Church. I watched his series called “Will the Real Church Please Stand Up?” which can be found on his website getalifemedia.com. In the 14th Video in the series he preached about “A Body of Witnesses” referring to how fervent we need to be in the process of saving the lost. He asked a really important question. “Are you just going to just sit there and let them burn?” A few months later, I thought back to this question and decided to call this ministry “Don’t Let Them Burn”. After seven years of hardship and preparation, you now see the fruits of good work.

While going through the preparedness phase, the only person that I knew as a Deacon would call and check up on me ever’ so often. We started noticing that we were studying the same subjects pertaining to Bible prophecy, Entertainment, and the occult. It’s was then that we decided to join forces to expose the works of the darkness, while proclaiming the Gospel. It took four years after made that link for that vision to be fulfilled. God continued to prepared us for this mission at Lifegate International Christian Center, under the guidance of our pastor and friend Danne King.


Hi, my name is Rory.

In my early 20s,  I wanted to have one foot in the church and one in the world. As a matter of fact I even asked the Lord that before I died I wanted to ask for forgiveness, like the thief on the cross. However this did not work. One Wednesday night after I was finished washing my car my mom asked me to go to the gas station for a bag of ice. So being the health nut that I was, I decided to ride my bike. On the way there the chain got caught up in the wheel and I could not ride the bike anymore. I then turned around and went home to get my car. I quickly jumped in the car and drove to the gas station.  I came out of the car and walked towards the front door of the gas station. As I started to pull the door open there was a man in the gas station that had a gun pointed at me.

This was the point in time that I wanted to ask the Lord for forgiveness, however I was so frightened, and I couldn’t do it. All I could say was “chill”, “chill”, with my hands in the air.

I could have been shot, and I would’ve been lost forever. I backed away slowly from the door and back into the car the men came running out with the money and the guns that they had. My life plan that I had orchestrated so very well, did not work. I then started going to church and seeking God. After about a year later I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ and then started seeking his will for my life. I later got married and started attending a different church. After about 10 years I was offered the position of the deacon in the church. I stayed in that position for about five years, but I wanted to do more.

In 2005 I started a seafood business, and it gave me more time with the Lord. At this point I started digging deeper in the Word of God. For the next three years God took me on a journey in His word. While attending this church I reconnected with Chris and we started talking about some of the experiences that Lord took us out of. As we continue talking we started to tell our friends at church to stop listening to Hip Hop music, and not to join the church’s ecumenical movement. We started corresponding more, and more until we started studying together. We even taught a class on the dangers of Hip Hop music, movies and video games. After that night, the Lord laid it on Chris’s heart to call the ministry “Don’t Let Them Burn“.